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Oct 20, 2017
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Earn Bitcoins in a Second Part 1 (Review)

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This is the log in of Bitter. You don’t have to register, you just need to enter your bitcoin address in order for you to view ads and earn from this site.

I hope you’ll be able to see the images clearly. This is how it looks after logging in, I have to cover my name for my protection. This is how it looks when you login into your account. It may seem black all the time, but let’s concentrate on how you will earn here. As you can see in this picture, you will see your earnings and your referral link, on the left side, you’ll see the ads that are available today. As well as the jackpot prize, Lottery link, Contact, Advertise Now, Notification and your dashboard link (your user name). Go ahead now and click some of the ads.

This is the lottery area where you can check the winners. As you can see, I am one of the winners so I have to cover my user name again, I received it in my bitcoin account yesterday. So, there is nothing to fear, whether you want to register on this website or not. Everybody can win the lottery, simply view ads every single day to have a higher chance. But if you can’t wait for it, then you can join the lottery and buy a ticket for yourself.

This is the lottery page, simply choose a letter or number you want and pay for the ticket (1,000 satoshi/mbtc each).

Here is the contact page, you can send them a message anytime you want. When I tried to contact them about my first payment, they replied after a few hours and I have been told that I will receive my bitcoins within 24hours.

You are now looking at the page where you can advertise. Simply, enter the details needed and you’re ready to go.

BItter io notificationThis is the drop down notification, as you can see, I also joined the lottery but I lost. Every processed withdrawal will be posted here too. You can enable email notification from your dashboard/preference.

BItter io dashboardWe are now going to open your dashboard, click your user name and click Preference.


BItter io dashboard preferenceThis is the reference. Overview of your account, Notification, Levels, Statistics, History, Referrals, Likes and Ads.

I was able to discuss about the notification, so let’s go to Levels. There are three levels LEVEL 1 Default level, to reach Level 2: you need to perform minimum 10 visits on last 7 days, for Level 3: you need to perform minimum 35 visits on last 7 days.

bitter io statistics

As you can see, these are all my visits in the last few days and I was able to reach level 3. Don’t forget to complete 35 visits each week so you won’t go back to level 1.


If you click history, you’ll see all the ads that you visited and how much you earn from each of them. withdrawalWithdrawal of all transactions are visible here, I was able to receive all these payments directly in my bitcoin wallet. There is no minimum withdrawal, just want to update this, recently they changed the minimum withdrawal, it is now 7000 satoshi/bits, but you can easily earn this is you’re a level 3 user, you can withdraw all of your earning right away. You will receive your payment within 9 to 24 hours.



Bitcoin advocate, entrepreneur, author. Working on cryptocurrencies

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Bitcoin advocate, entrepreneur, author. Working on cryptocurrencies