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Oct 20, 2017
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Earn Bitcoins in a Second Part 2 (Review)

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Bitter is a free bitcoin-PTC website where you have to watch ads to get paid in satoshi. You will register/login with your btc address, (logging in is based on a code retrieved by email) but you don’t have to login everytime unless you delete cookies from the browser.

The website uses a leveling feature for its members and have the following requirements :
Visits required to get those levels

  • Level 1: The default level (new registered members)
  • Level 2: you need to perform minimum 3 visits on last 7 days
  • Level 3: you need to perform minimum 6 visits on last 7 days

(keep in mind that if you do not perform the minimum visits on last 7 days, your level will be reverted back to 1 (default). It’s easy to level up so don’t worry.

Payments for each ad viewed depends on member’s level and on the timer of the viewed ad :

Ad timer / lvl /satoshi earned per click

  • 10 seconds /1/6 ; 2/6 ; 3/8
  • 20 seconds /1/11 ; 2/11 ; 3/16
  • 30 seconds /1/16 ; 2/16 ; 3/23
  • 40 seconds /1/20 ; 2/20 ; 3/30
  • 50 seconds /1/25 ; 2/25 ; 3/37
  • 60 seconds /1/29 ; 2/29 ; 3/43

Examples :
-if you are level 2 and you’re viewing a 40 seconds ad, you will receive 20 satoshi.
-if you are level 1 and you watch a 30 second ad, you will receive 16 satoshi.
-if you are level 3 and you watch a 60 seconds ad, you will receive 43 satoshi.

The website has an extension to install for browser, just like clixsense, which notifies you when you have new ads available,notifications such as withdraw processed.

extension for chrome from bitter-io 2.jpg
extension for chrome from bitter-io eng.jpg

Don’t worry it’s safe, you can disable it but you won’t find out when new ads are available or when you have receieved your withdraw request, only if you visit the website often. Bitter‘ other menus are Jackpot which is a chance to win a free prize when surfing the website.

Another menu is Lottery which is a gamble game for 5000 satoshi a ticket to gamble which one will be the first character (from 0 to f) of the TX of the latest withdrawal request paid. You can ignore the gamble game if you don’t want to spend your satoshi and just view the ads.
Referal program :

Referal comision is not based on a percent but on the level of the referal :

Ad timer / lvl of referral /satoshi earned

  • 10 seconds /1/3 ; 2/4 ; 3/4
  • 20 seconds /1/5 ; 2/8 ; 3/8
  • 30 seconds /1/8 ; 2/12 ; 3/12
  • 40 seconds /1/10 ; 2/15 ; 3/15
  • 50 seconds /1/12 ; 2/19 ; 3/19
  • 60 seconds /1/14 ; 2/22 ; 3/22

Examples :
-if your referral is level 2 and he clicked a 40 seconds ad, you will receive from him 15 satoshi as commision
-if your referral is level 1 and hes clicked a 30 second ad, you will receive comision 8 satoshi.
-if your referral is level 3 and he clicked a 60 seconds ad, you will receive 22 satoshi.
(level 2 and level 3 referrals will bring the same commision)

Ads to view are displayed within the extension.

Withdrawals :
Minimum withdraw amount is 10000 satoshi (0.0001 BTC) and the money are sent directly to your wallet . You don’t pay any fees.

To withdraw just click on your username ,select Preferences ,then Withdraws and click on Your available balance . The requested amount will autofill with all you got on balance. Usually it takes maximum 24 hours to get approved your pending but sometimes it might take even 4 days but don’t worry you will receive sooner or later your request. If there is a problem you can use Contact to message the admin.


Payment proofs

15016 satoshi paid!

19th payment bitter-io.jpg

16399 satoshis paid!.
20th payment bitter-io.jpg

and here you can see the TX :


13026 paid!
21th payment bitter-io.jpg - Free bitcoin, bitcoin advertising, ptc



0.00014209 :BTC:paid!
22th payment bitter-io.jpg


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Bitcoin advocate, entrepreneur, author. Working on cryptocurrencies