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Sep 22, 2017
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“I’m telling you Rose, I’m going to end up beating that girl one day”
I laugh out loud.
“It’s not funny” She said glaring at me.
“Don’t worry girlfriend, the day you beat her up, I’ll cheer you up from a far distance”
“Hey, not everyone can fight”
We got home and entered our two bedroom apartment , I take off my clothes as soon as we enter and Melissa does the same as we continue our conversation.
“I just pray I don’t kill her one day”
“Everyone knows Kate is a flirt, she flirts with every guy that she sets her eyes on, just tell Felix to be careful with her”
“I have. Gosh, I just wish he gets a new job or that girl gets fired from that office”
“Mel” I shout.
“What? Did I say anything wrong? You should have seen the skirt she wore today, so short and tight and she kept bending down, she was not even bothered that I was with Felix”
“As I have said earlier, you just have to talk to your boyfriend, he has to be very careful.”
“Alright, I will”
“Will you eat noodles? ”
I entered the kitchen and start cooking.
Mel asks I fondly call her has been dating Felix ever since our school days and I envy them.
I just wish I get someone to love me just like that.
Sometimes I think I’m cursed or something.
“Rose, the food is burning”
That brought me out of my thoughts.
“Oh my God”
I quickly turn off the gas cooker.
“We can still get something to eat out of it.” I said checking the pot.
“You are such a horrible cook”
“I just got lost in my thoughts” I replied pouting.
“What were you thinking about?”
I just shrug.
I served the food and we went to my room to eat.
“You will find someone to love you Rose. There’s someone out there for you”
“Yeah but where is he?”
“You will find him soon”
I sigh in response.
“You will find him Rose”
“Yes I know but when?”

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