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Sep 22, 2017
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I look at myself in the mirror staring at my face.
Maybe I’m not beautiful enough.
Maybe I’m not tall enough.
Maybe I’m not charismatic enough.
I feel so lonely.
The sense of loneliness overwhelming me.
I want someone that I can call mine.
Someone that I will talk to in the morning and at night before I sleep.
I want someone to cuddle with.
I want a family.
I’m so desperate for one.
“Let’s go Rose, you are getting late”
I carry my bag and we rush out.
We both went our separate ways at the bus stop.
Melissa works in a law firm.
I’m a graphic designer.
“Hello Rose”
“Hi baby”
I greet my partner in the office.
“You are late today”
“I just got caught up in something”
“We need to work on the finishing touches on the design for the advertisement so we’ll submit today”
“Yeah.. Come on, let’s work ”
We work for almost 3 hours and by lunch time we are done.
I was eating my lunch alone when I look towards the door just as a guy came in.
I could not help but stare.
He is so handsome.
He moved to the counter to order for his food and I followed his every move.
And then he turned towards my direction with a tray in his hands and start coming close.
Just like in a movie, I see him walking in slow motion towards me.
He drew near to my direction and I stand up slowly with a stupid smile on my face but he didn’t reach me.
He sat on another table.
That brought me back to reality.
I quickly pack my things and run out.
That was embarrassing.
“Seriously? Wow” Mel screamed in my ears, I had to move the phone from my ear.
“You seem more excited than I am”
“Of course, my friend is in love”
I roll my eyes.
“I only told you I met a guy and now you are saying I’m in love”
“‘Seems like love to me”
“Rose, the boss will be here in a minute”
My office partner interrupted my conversation.
“We’ll talk at home Mel”
“Of course, I need details, full details, you must not leave out anything, alright?”
“Whatever. Bye”
As soon as I hang up the door opened and my boss stepped in.
“Hello sir’
We greet him, both of us on our feet.
I notice someone behind him.
“Hello… Mark, these are my designers” My boss says.
The guy stepped forward.
Well, you guessed right.
It’s him, the guy from the restaurant.
I stand there gawking at him again.
“Hello” He greets us and then look towards me.
“Oh.. It’s you” He said with a smile.
What did I do?

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